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Company name is the denomination adopted for the exercise of the company, who after fulfilled legal requirements, is of property and exclusive use of the company detainer. In order to guarantee better protection for the national companies and even foreign companies that intend performance in Brazil, it must be attempted to some formalities, in special the modifications brought by the New Brazilian Civil Code.

What it is

- Search of previous company names in the Commercial Meetings of Brazil and in foreign countries;
- Procedures of extension of the company name in the Commercial Meetings of Brazil;
- Administrative, judicial and extrajudicial defense of Company Names, Distinctive Trademarks and other signals, such as domain names, in Brazil and foreign countries;
- Analysis of strategies for the right of action conferred for the company name, and respective litigation in administrative and judicial spheres;
- Legal assessor ship in the planning and evaluation of intangible assets.

What we do

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