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The Trademarks are visually perceivable signals, not understood in the legal prohibitions that distinguish products and services from other analogous ones. The objective of registering a Trademark is to guarantee to the owner the exclusive use of the expression or distinctive signal in all the domestic territory, in order to hinder that third not authorized ones use, reproduces, imports or sells products or services under equal or similar mark.

What it is

- National and international previous search of trademarks, decreasing the colliding risks;
- Preparation and deposit of trademark applications in Brazil and exterior, including international treaties;
- Preparation and deposit of trademark applications in Brazil, with priority claim.
- Attendance of the administrative proceeding referring to the deposited application, guiding the customer in skillful stated periods the necessary measures;
- Watch services, national and international, of trademarks of third that eventually can intervene with the concession of the related mark or in the activities of the customer;
- Administrative, judicial and extrajudicial defense of marks, company names and other distinctive signals, such as domain names, in Brazil and foreign;
- Analysis of strategies for the right of action conferred to the registers, and respective litigation in administrative and judicial, national and internationally;
- Franchise agreement negotiation, elaboration and entry, cession and license of use of marks, in Brazil and foreign;
- Legal Consulting in the strategical planning of the best fiscal alternatives for the contracting;
- Legal assessorship in the planning and evaluation of intangible assets and brand equity;

What we do

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