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To register an Industrial Drawing, the product must be characterized by a new and original plastic or aesthetic form (design). The objective to register the Industrial Drawing is to guarantee to the bearer the right to hinder third parties that produces, uses, places for sale or imports the product protected.

What it is

- National and international prior art search;
- Elaboration of drawings and text for Industrial Designs applications in several languages;
- Preparation and filling of Industrial Designs applications in Brazil and foreign, including International Treaties;
- Preparation and filling of foreign Industrial Designs applications in Brazil, including priority claim and translation of the text/drawings from original language to Portuguese
- Attendance of administrative process regarding the application, guiding the client to take the necessary measures;
- International and National Watch services of third party Industrial Designs that can intervene in the concession of the patent or in the activities of the client;
- Administrative, judicial and extrajudicial defense of Industrial Designs, in Brazil and foreign;
- Analysis of strategies for exercise the rights conferred by Industrial Designs, and respective litigation in administrative and judicial spheres;
- Contract negotiation, elaboration and entry related to Industrial Design licensing, in Brazil and foreign;
- Legal Consulting in the strategical planning of the best fiscal alternatives for the contracting;
- Legal assessorship in the planning and evaluation of intangible assets and brand equity.

What we do

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